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ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Agents
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage AgentsOraws provides you the data and related updates of 1500 tour/travel agents. You can add new agent groups, manage them in different names and even set separate TAC for each group. Moreover, you can create key for agents, to use the online reservation system, so that they can reserve rooms according to their TAC! Agent management and bookings was never this easy!
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Emails
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage EmailsThis is perhaps the most powerful application in the Oraws environment. Set your own credentials for emails. Set your email id for sending emails and a different id for replying, if needed. Add email ids of your existing or prospective guests and import email ids from agent modules and create different groups, at your convenience. Find details of sent offers, packages, general tariff, tariff for agents, etc. Select a target group and manage emails to that group separately. Yes, just do about anything you need to do with emails and email ids!
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Back Links
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Back LinksHere you can manage all your third party facilities and utilities to promote/facilitate/monitor your website. Because a program/software that benefits you should be included and also managed efficiently!
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Packages
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage PackagesDesign your own one day sightseeing packages and holiday packages ranging from a couple of days to a week and more. Add/Delete/Edit the respective package rates, timings, details and images. Set the starting and ending time of the package and relax. Oraws disables the package automatically on the set time, and removes it from the webpage, automatically.
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Offers
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage OffersCreate an offer that’s ideal for the season and set start and end times. Manage it with flexibility and make the best out of the varying domestic and international tourist inflows!
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage Enquiries
ORAWS. Market Yourself Manage EnquiriesView enquires received for your offers/packages/bookings/tariff/etc. Respond quick and impress your prospective customer!
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